I just caught this movie on HBO. I actually never heard about it despite the fact that it did $24 million in business. I guess for Jennifer Aniston that is not particularly good. She probably didn’t mind because I am assuming this might be where she met Justin Theroux. I became a fan of his from the TV show “The Leftovers.” So I googled it and the Wikipedia says that the two meet on this film. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. They got married and it says they are separated. Maybe they work it out and get back together? Do Hollywood people have the highest divorce rate in the civilized world? Probably because it’s not that civilized. Being famous can cause inflated egos and get to even the most humble of folks.

So let’s talk about this movie. It’s a Judd Apatow movie and he has a long track record of making quality movies, especially like his brand of romantic comedy because it’s generally heavier on comedy and not too sappy. The roll was slightly weak by Aniston standards but she pairs so well with Paul Rudd.

Now for the best part. The couple ends up living on a hippy commune slash nudist colony.  Too bad there wasn’t more nudity. Bu like most nudist beaches it’s heavy on men and ugly older not particularly attractive bodies. So if your a horn dog like me, this isn’t going to be the main reason to watch it. It’s a fun enjoyable light comedy.

Some of the characterizations are far-fetched and very cliche but if you go in knowing that I think you will enjoy it. Certainly, no one involved best work. That could explain the $25 million box office. The budget of the film was higher and then if you throw in the marketing budget this film was a failure. I’m sure it will see a lot of life on streaming and pay television and in the end, the studio probably won’t lose that much money. It’s only a matter of time before Universal starts their own streaming channel and they will need a lot of content like this to keep their subscribers renewing.

The. movie has all the normal romantic comedy conventions. The couple loves each other but comes under hard times that test their relationship. Then for a stupid reason, they break up under the pressure of that stress. In the end, they realize that nothing matters more than love and they get back together and live happily ever after.

Acting – 4
Story – 4
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 5
Screenplay – 3
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 4
Plot Holes – 3
Production Value – 4
Overall – 5
Overall Score – 80
The film is currently running on HBO and HBO Max if you are a subscriber you can catch it free. The film is almost a decade old but it holds up.