Best Binge Worthy Romantic Comedy TV Series on Netflix

Netflix have all genre of TV Series, and Romantic Comedy is one of the most popular. Many people adore romantic comedies movies/series that they can to watch it again and again. Romantic comedy TV Series is ” must watch” genre whether you’re just casually sitting on a couch, trying to stay awake for that 3am shift at work, or just trying to find something to do on a Friday night.

If you’re looking for Best Romantic Comedy TV Series in Netflix, you can stop your search here and start watch them now because we put together list of best Romantic comedy TV Series under one article in no particular order.

1) Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin is a romantic comedy drama series on Netflix that follows Jane Villanueva who was accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss’s sperm during her job interview. This show will make you laugh out loud and cry your eyes out as well!

2) New girl
New girl is about a girl named Jess who moves in with three guys after breaking up with her boyfriend, and how they deal with living together. It’s your typical love triangle setup but it has an interesting spin to the story that makes it unique and fun to watch. If you like romantic comedies that can make your day then definitely watch this Netflix Original Series.

3) Master of None
Aziz Ansari plays an actor named Dev who has to find his way through life with the help of friends and family in New York City after he turns 30. It might not be your typical love story, but this Netflix Original Series is a good romantic comedy show with lots of heart and laughs.

4) Flaked
If you’re looking for light-hearted Netflix Original Series that may bring up some feelings, then definitely watch Flaked. This series is about a self-appointed guru named Chip who falls in love for the first time when he starts to date London, a woman who is everything he isn’t. This series has a good balance of humor and heart that will make you want to watch it from start to finish.

5) Fight For My Way
This 2017 Korean drama is a romantic comedy about two people who have been best friends since childhood, and how their friendship turns into something more. If you’re looking for a feel-good show to watch that will make you laugh and cry, then this is the one for you!

6) Emily In Paris
This Netflix Original Series is about a young American girl who enrolls in a prestigious art school in Paris that will change her life forever. If you’re a fan of artist or romance, this show will be perfect for you!

7) Love
Love is another Netflix Original Series from Judd Apatow, and it follows the awkward early stages of Gus and Mickey’s romance as they navigate the thrills and agonies of modern relationships. This series is full of hilarious moments, pop culture references, and it has an amazing soundtrack that will make you love this Netflix Original Series even more.

8) You Me Her
A love triangle forms when a suburban married couple tries to spice things up by adding another woman to their bed.

9) How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is a classic show that follows the story of Ted Mosby and how he met his wife. This series is perfect for those who are looking for a light-hearted and funny romantic comedy to watch.

Netflix has a variety of romantic comedies that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Whether you’re looking for simple or complicated love story, you can find all of them on Netflix.
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