Top Romantic Comedy Leading Men

Most Popular Rom-Com Actors of All Time

Romantic comedies never fail to make us laugh and feel good inside. And who better to bring those charming, lovable characters to life than some of the most popular leading men of all time? Here is a look at some of the most memorable and beloved romantic comedy leading men of all time in no particular order:

1. Tom Hanks
Hanks is a Hollywood institution, with a career that has spanned more than three decades. He has starred in some of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time, including “Sleepless in Seattle,” “You’ve Got Mail” and “The Terminal.” Hanks is a master at playing the lovable everyman, and his films have a timeless quality about them.

2. Hugh Grant
Grant is another Hollywood icon, and he has made his mark in the rom-com genre with films like “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Notting Hill” and “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” He has a gift for portraying the charming, slightly bumbling British gentleman, and his films are always a joy to watch.

3. Matthew McConaughey
McConaughey has had a resurgence in his career in recent years, and much of it can be attributed to his stellar work in romantic comedies. Films like “The Wedding Planner,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Failure to Launch” have showcased his light-hearted charm, making him one of the more popular actors working today.

4. Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds has had some success in romantic comedies, thanks to films like “Just Friends,” “Definitely, Maybe” and “The Proposal.” He has a humor that suits perfectly for the genre and is always a pleasure to watch on the big screen.

5. Ben Stiller
Stiller is a comedy powerhouse, and he has brought his unique brand of humor to some great romantic comedies over the years. Films like “Zoolander,” “Tropic Thunder” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” have all had a touch of romance, and Stiller is always a great choice for a lead actor.

6. Kristen Wiig
Wiig is one of the funniest women in Hollywood, and she has brought her humor to some great romantic comedies over the years. Films like “Bridesmaids,” “The Skeleton Twins” and “Ghostbusters” have showcased her talent for mixing comedy and romance.

7. Ryan Gosling
Gosling first came to the public’s attention with his work in “The Notebook,” but he has had great success in other romantic comedies including “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “La La Land.” His charm is undeniable, and he has become one of the most popular actors working today.

8. Steve Carell
Carell first came to prominence as a cast member of the hit NBC comedy “The Office,” but he has also had success in romantic comedies like “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Dan in Real Life.” His unique brand of humor is perfect for the genre, and he always brings something new to each film he appears in. Or his classic 40 Year Old Virgin.

9. Jim Carrey
Carrey is one of the biggest comedy stars in Hollywood history with a career that has spanned decades. He first came to prominence as a cast member on “In Living Color” before landing his own sitcom, “The Duck Factory.” But Carrey really made his mark when he appeared in movies like “Dumb and Dumber,” “The Mask” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” And he has also had success in romantic comedies like “The Truman Show” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

10. James Franco
Franco is a talented actor who has shown his range in films like “127 Hours,” “Spring Breakers” and “The Disaster Artist.” He has also had success in romantic comedies, with films like “Pineapple Express” and “Why Him?” being prime examples of his talents.

These actors have helped define the romantic comedy genre, and their work continues to be popular even decades after they first appeared on screen. These are definitely actors who will never disappear from Hollywood, as there is always at least one or two of them working on a new project right now.
And with the genre continuing to be popular, we can expect to see their work for many years to come. Thanks for reading!

Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

Romantic comedy is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres that people loves to binge watch. This genre is loved for its light and refreshing tone that often takes a break from your usual action or drama-heavy content.
There are definitely many romantic comedies that have come out over the years, but some undeniably reign supreme. Here is a list of what we believe to be the best romantic comedies ever made:

1. The Princess Bride
This classic fairy tale tells the story of Buttercup and her true love Westley, as they navigate through life’s challenges together. Full of humor, adventure, and romance, it is no wonder that this movie has been a favorite for so many people over the years.

2. Notting Hill
This 1999 romantic comedy tells the story of American movie star Julia Roberts and bookstore owner Hugh Grant falling in love in London. A charming film with great performances from both actors, it is no wonder that it has become a classic.

3. The Fault in Our Stars
Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, this 2014 movie tells the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters as they fall in love and fight cancer together. A heartbreaking but beautiful film, it struck a chord with millions of people around the world.

4. The Proposal
This 2009 rom-com follows the story of Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) and Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) as they try to get their feelings across despite being engaged to other people. One of Bullock’s best performances, it is definitely worth a watch.

5. 50 First Dates
This 2004 romantic comedy follows the story of Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) who falls for Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) after she has an accident that causes her to lose her memory every day. A funny and heartwarming film, it is definitely one to watch if you are in the mood for a good rom-com.

6. 13 Going on 30
This sweet 2004 movie tells the story of Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) as she wakes up one day in her thirties, having dreamed about it since she was thirteen. A clever premise with some delightful performances, it will definitely leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

7. Jerry Maguire
This 1996 classic stars Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who has a change of heart and writes a manifesto about how the industry should be run. Featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger in her breakout performance, it is an all-time favorite for many people.

8. The Wedding Singer
This 1998 romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as two mismatched lovers who find each other at a wedding. A fun and charming film, it is perfect for a date night in.

9. When Harry Met Sally…
This 1989 classic follows the story of Harry and Sally as they navigate their friendship after the two share a passionate night together. Featuring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, it is definitely one to watch for some classic romantic comedy fare.

10. Silver Linings Playbook
This 2012 drama stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as two people who meet each other while going through similar struggles in life. A movie about love and family, it is a great film to watch on a lazy day at home.

11. P.S. I Love You
Based on the novel of the same name, this 2007 drama follows the story of Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) as she deals with her late husband’s posthumous letters to help her move on with her life. A heartbreaking story, it is a touching tribute to the love of a lifetime.

12. Sleepless in Seattle
This 1993 classic follows Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) who hears from a radio talk show host that he is looking for love just as she starts to believe that her husband isn’t the one for her. A great film to watch with your significant other, it is definitely worth a watch.

13. Love Actually
This 2003 classic tells the stories of several couples as they navigate their relationship struggles throughout the holiday season. Featuring Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson in some truly hysterical moments, this film is perfect for some feel-good Christmas cheer.

We’ve provided a list of the best romantic comedy films to watch with your significant other. Whether you are in the mood for some feel-good Christmas cheer or need something to keep you company on a lazy day at home, these movies have been loved by many people over the years. If there is one thing we know about love and relationships, it is that they can be complicated!
What film do you think is worth watching? Let us know in the comments below.

Best Romantic Comedy Books to Read That Will Make You Fall in Love

Romantic comedy is a genre that can make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly; make your heart flutter. Whether you are curled up on the couch with a hot beverage or reading in bed, these books are sure to give you all the feels.

1) The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
This fluffy book is a must read, especially for the office worker who has had to deal with that annoying coworker. Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman spend most of their time trying to cut each other down in the workplace, but when they’re forced to work together on a project they form an unlikely friendship. This is a light-hearted, feel good book that will make you want to read it again and again.

2) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
This tear-jerker tells the story of Louisa Clark, who is hired to take care of Will Traynor. Will was a successful young man until he became paralyzed in an accident. Louisa helps him regain his love for life, but when she learns that he plans to end his life she tries to hold him back. This book will make you laugh, cry, and pray for a happy ending.

3) The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory    
This book follows Alexa, who is left stranded at the altar on her wedding day. Fortunately for her, she meets Drew in an elevator on the way back down. They hit it off immediately and decide to have one amazing night together. The book follows their relationship as they try to figure out if they should be just friends or more than that. Spoiler: They’re more than friends.

4) Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
This book is about Caroline, a woman who moves into a new apartment and finds herself living next to Simon. She’s immediately drawn to him, but he seems to be avoiding her. Caroline eventually finds out that Simon is a professional wallbanger (a person who bangs on walls for a living). The two of them have hilarious conversations and some pretty steamy scenes.

5) Neighbor from Hell Series by R.L. Mathewson
This light-hearted, easy to read series follows two neighbors who hate each other. The two of them end up having to work together when they get stranded in their apartment building’s basement. This book is funny and has some really cute scenes that will make you smile.

6) The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
Stella is a woman with high functioning autism who has never been kissed. When her mother dies she’s left with an inheritance that will allow her to finally learn about sex. She hires Michael, a professional escort, to teach her everything she needs to know. The two of them have some hilarious conversations and eventually fall in love.

7) Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
This book is about the lives of the insanely wealthy in Asia. It’s filled with luxury, drama, and romance. This book will make you want to travel to Asia and marry into a rich family.

8) The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Don Tillman is a scientist who has an incredibly difficult time interacting with other people. He decides to use a scientific approach to find a wife and starts the Wife Project. After going on a few unsuccessful dates he meets Rosie, who is the complete opposite of his ideal woman for many reasons. The two of them have some really funny interactions that will put a smile on your face.

9) When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
Dimple and Rishi are two teenagers who come from very different backgrounds. Dimple is a creative girl who wants to attend a prestigious design school, while Rishi is a conservative boy who wants to go into business with his father. They meet at a summer program for gifted students and realize that they might be perfect for each other. This book will make you laugh and cry as you watch their relationship develop.

10) Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Anna has been shipped off to boarding school in Paris, France by her parents. She’s incredibly homesick until she meets the charming Etienne St. Clair. The two of them have some really cute interactions and eventually develop a strong friendship. This book will make you want to study abroad and fall in love with a charming Frenchman!

Rom-coms never fail to make us feel all the feels, and these ten books are no exception. If you’re looking for a light read that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then these are the perfect books for you! So grab a box of tissues and your favorite snack and get ready to fall in love.

What are your favorite romantic comedy books? Let us know!…

Best Romantic Comedy

Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch on Netflix: My Top 16 Favorites

Korean dramas on Netflix are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. The wide variety of genres available on the streaming service means that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, a psychological thriller, or a historical epic, Netflix has you covered.
If you’re like me and you like Korean dramas and romantic comedies, then you’ll love the list of 16 best romantic comedy Korean dramas to binge-watch on Netflix.

1. It’s Okay to not Be Okay
It’s Okay to not be okay is an absolute favorite for all K-drama lovers. Aside from the fact that Seo Ye-Ji and Kim Soo-Hyun looks so good together, the series also tackles mental health, healing, and love in a very real way. This series will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

2. You Who Came from the Stars
You Who Came from the Stars is a classic. It’s an epic love story about an alien who falls in love with a human woman. It stars my favorite k-drama actor, Kim Soo-Hyun and the beautiful Jun Ji-hyun. It’s funny, romantic and sweet. Definitely worth a watch if you want to spend some quality time on the couch with your significant other (or by yourself).

3. Coffee Prince
Coffee Prince is one of the most hilarious, heartwarming rom-com dramas I’ve ever watched. If you like Gong Yoo (he plays the lead character) and you like Han Ye-seul, then this is definitely for you. It’s about a young girl who poses as her twin brother to get a job at the coffee shop he manages. It’s one of those dramas that you don’t want to end because you just fall in love with the characters.

4. Descendants of The Sun
Descendants of The Sun is a thrilling romantic drama about love, army and fate. It stars Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki and is based on the best-selling novel “An Ode to Youth”. If you’re looking for a drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is it.

5. Fight For My Way
Fight for My Way is a story about two young people who are trying to make their dreams come true. It’s a very relatable drama and it will make you laugh and cry. The main characters, played by Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won, are so lovable that you can’t help but root for them.

6. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
Another Park Seo Joon drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a hilarious comedy about a young CEO who realizes that his secretary has been working for him for 10 years and he doesn’t even know her name. He decides to fire her, but then reconsiders and comes up with a plan to make her his personal secretary. This drama is full of laughs and will keep you on your toes.

7. Strong Girl Bong-Soon
Strong Girl Bong-Soon is a unique and fun drama about a woman with super-human strength who falls in love with the CEO of a gaming company. It’s a light-hearted drama that will make you laugh and smile.

8. Goblin
If you’re looking for an epic, heartwarming romantic drama to watch, then Goblin is the one for you. It’s about a goblin who is searching for his bride and he meets a young woman who he thinks could be the one. The drama stars Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Go-Eun and it will keep you glued to your screen from beginning to end.

9. Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart is a sweet and romantic drama about a top actress who falls in love with her lawyer. It’s a perfect drama to watch when you’re feeling down because it will make you feel all the feels. The main characters are played by Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook and they are so good together.

10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo is a light and funny drama. The story revolves around a college girl who wants to become a weightlifter and her romance with an athlete who has to maintain his physique at all costs. It’s not your average romantic comedy because it also tackles the struggles that come along with the pressures of college life and the world of weightlifting.

11. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a heartwarming drama about a man who moves back to his hometown and falls in love with the woman who used to bully him when they were kids. It’s a feel-good drama that will make you smile and laugh.

12. She Was Pretty
She Was Pretty is a romantic comedy about two people who were once in love but went their separate ways. They meet again years later and start to fall for each other all over again. This drama is light and fun and will make you feel good.

13. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty is a unique romantic comedy about a girl who gets plastic surgery to become beautiful and the challenges she faces when she starts at a new school. It’s a funny and insightful drama that will make you think about the importance of beauty.

14. Cheese in The Trap
Cheese in The Trap is a dark and intense romantic drama about two college students who fall in love. It’s based on the popular webtoon of the same name and it will keep you hooked until the very end.

15. My Secret Romance
My Secret Romance is a fun and flirty drama about two people who meet again after their one-night stand. They start to develop feelings for each other, but there are obstacles in the way of their romance. This drama stars Sung Hoon and Song Ji-Eun and it will keep you entertained throughout its 13 episodes.

16. Suspicious Partner
Suspicious Partner is a mystery romantic comedy about two people who start to date and then find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation. It’s an exciting drama with a lot of suspense and romance. The main characters are played by Ji Chang-Wook and Nam Ji-Hyun and they make an amazing team.

These are just a few of the best romantic comedy Korean dramas that you can watch on Netflix. So if you’re looking for a good laugh and a heart-warming story, then be sure to check out these dramas!…

Best Romantic Comedy on Netflix

Date Nights Movies

Date nights doesn’t need to be extravagant for it to be perfect. Sometimes, a date night in with a good movie is all you need. And if you’re looking for some good romantic comedies to watch, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix right now:

1. The Princess Diaries
This classic movie is the perfect choice for a date night in. It’s sweet, light-hearted, and will have you laughing out loud. Plus, watching Mia Thermopolis transform into a princess is inspiring to us all. Available on Netflix.

2. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
If you love watching Netflix original movies, you’ll love “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” It’s refreshingly cute and funny. And you’ll fall in love with Peter Kavinsky all over again.

3. Holidate
This movie is definitely a wild ride. If you’re looking for something that’s going to keep you entertained, then “Holidate” is the perfect choice. The movie follows a group of friends on their wild night out. It’s hilarious and unpredictable, making it one of the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix.

4. Friends With Benefits
What could be better than watching two friends fall in love? This movie is sweet, funny, and will remind you of all the benefits of having a friend with benefits.

5. The Proposal
If you’re looking for a classic romantic comedy, “The Proposal” is a great choice. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are perfect together in this movie about a woman who pretends to be engaged to her boss in order to stay in the country.

6. Notting Hill
Filled with charming scenes of London, Notting Hill will make you fall in love with England. When an ordinary bookstore owner meets a famous actress, he thinks it’s just a fling. But as time goes on, he realizes his feelings run deeper than that.

7. Why Him?
If you’re looking for a more recent romantic comedy, “Why Him?” is a great choice. It follows the story of a father who doesn’t quite understand his daughter’s new boyfriend. The movie is laugh-out-loud funny and will keep you entertained from start to finish.

8. Crazy Rich Asians
Based on the popular book of the same name, Crazy Rich Asians is a must-watch romantic comedy. It’s glamorous, funny, and will have you swooning over all the hot Asian men.

9. Set It Up
If you’re a fan of working in an office, “Set It Up” will hit close to home. In the movie, two overworked assistants team up to set their bosses up on dates in hopes that it’ll get them to finally go on vacation together. This romantic comedy gets bonus points for featuring Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch (two of our favorite rising stars).

10. The Kissing Booth
Netflix’s latest romantic comedy, “The Kissing Booth,” is a must-watch. It’s sweet, funny, and will definitely tug at your heartstrings. Plus, it’s the perfect movie to watch with your best friends.

11. Mama Mia!
We’ve all heard “Mamma Mia” by now and we love it. If you’re a fan of musicals, this is the perfect movie for you. It will have you singing along to every single song and laughing at all the funny quips from Meryl Streep.

12. The Lake House
This romantic drama is one of the best movies for date night. When a doctor and architect live in the same house, but two years apart, they start exchanging love letters. The movie will keep you guessing until the very end.

13. Christmas Wedding Planner
If you’re in the mood for a Christmas movie, “Christmas Wedding Planner” is a great choice. It follows the story of a wedding planner who falls in love with the groom-to-be. It’s sweet, festive, and will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.

14. The Holiday
If you’re looking for a classic romantic comedy, “The Holiday” is a great choice. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet play two women who swap houses for the holidays and end up finding love. It’s charming, funny, and will have you wishing you could spend your holidays in England.

15. Pitch Perfect
If you love musicals and comedies, “Pitch Perfect” is a must-watch. It follows the story of an all-girl singing group who has to overcome all the odds to make it to the national competition. With Anna Kendrick as one of its stars, you know that this movie will be pure perfection.

We hope you enjoy these fifteen romantic comedies as much as we do. Whether you’re in the mood for a heart-warming drama or a laugh-out-loud comedy, Netflix has something perfect for you. So cuddle up on the couch with your loved one and prepare to be entertained!

Best Binge Worthy Romantic Comedy TV Series on Netflix

Netflix have all genre of TV Series, and Romantic Comedy is one of the most popular. Many people adore romantic comedies movies/series that they can to watch it again and again. Romantic comedy TV Series is ” must watch” genre whether you’re just casually sitting on a couch, trying to stay awake for that 3am shift at work, or just trying to find something to do on a Friday night.

If you’re looking for Best Romantic Comedy TV Series in Netflix, you can stop your search here and start watch them now because we put together list of best Romantic comedy TV Series under one article in no particular order.

1) Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin is a romantic comedy drama series on Netflix that follows Jane Villanueva who was accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss’s sperm during her job interview. This show will make you laugh out loud and cry your eyes out as well!

2) New girl
New girl is about a girl named Jess who moves in with three guys after breaking up with her boyfriend, and how they deal with living together. It’s your typical love triangle setup but it has an interesting spin to the story that makes it unique and fun to watch. If you like romantic comedies that can make your day then definitely watch this Netflix Original Series.

3) Master of None
Aziz Ansari plays an actor named Dev who has to find his way through life with the help of friends and family in New York City after he turns 30. It might not be your typical love story, but this Netflix Original Series is a good romantic comedy show with lots of heart and laughs.

4) Flaked
If you’re looking for light-hearted Netflix Original Series that may bring up some feelings, then definitely watch Flaked. This series is about a self-appointed guru named Chip who falls in love for the first time when he starts to date London, a woman who is everything he isn’t. This series has a good balance of humor and heart that will make you want to watch it from start to finish.

5) Fight For My Way
This 2017 Korean drama is a romantic comedy about two people who have been best friends since childhood, and how their friendship turns into something more. If you’re looking for a feel-good show to watch that will make you laugh and cry, then this is the one for you!

6) Emily In Paris
This Netflix Original Series is about a young American girl who enrolls in a prestigious art school in Paris that will change her life forever. If you’re a fan of artist or romance, this show will be perfect for you!

7) Love
Love is another Netflix Original Series from Judd Apatow, and it follows the awkward early stages of Gus and Mickey’s romance as they navigate the thrills and agonies of modern relationships. This series is full of hilarious moments, pop culture references, and it has an amazing soundtrack that will make you love this Netflix Original Series even more.

8) You Me Her
A love triangle forms when a suburban married couple tries to spice things up by adding another woman to their bed.

9) How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is a classic show that follows the story of Ted Mosby and how he met his wife. This series is perfect for those who are looking for a light-hearted and funny romantic comedy to watch.

Netflix has a variety of romantic comedies that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Whether you’re looking for simple or complicated love story, you can find all of them on Netflix.
What is your favorite genre? Romantic Comedies? War Movies? Comment down below!

Best Romantic Comedy: Films You Missed

The list of romantic comedy movies is endless. There are the big blockbusters with famous Hollywood actors and well-known directors. And then there are the smaller, independently-produced films that sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve.

Here are seven underrated romantic comedies that you may have missed:

1. “The Overnight”
This 2015 film stars Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling as a young couple who moves to Los Angeles with their son. They meet some new friends, played by Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche, and quickly realize that they are not quite like the other couples. Things get interesting when the two men suggest a playdate for the kids that ultimately turns into a sleepover.

2. “Love & Air Sex”
This 2013 romantic comedy tells the story of two people, played by Ashley Bell and Zach Cregger, who are trying to find love in Austin, Texas. They meet at an air-sex competition and decide to embark on a sexual relationship without falling in love. They quickly realize that the chemistry is there and that they might want more than just sex, but their complications continue to pop up.

3. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”
This 2008 film follows the story of Peter (Jason Segel), a musician who is heartbroken when his girlfriend, Sarah (Kristen Bell), breaks up with him. He decides to go on vacation to Hawaii, but runs into her and her new boyfriend (Russell Brand) there. Peter finds new love in the form of Rachel (Mía Maestro), but must deal with the aftermath of seeing Sarah again.

4. “The Decoy Bride”
This 2011 film stars David Tennant and Kelly Macdonald as a couple who are planning a secret wedding. When the bride’s ex-boyfriend (James McAvoy) shows up, they must do everything they can to keep him from ruining the wedding. The cast also includes Alice Eve, Diana Rigg, and Vincent Kartheiser.

5. “The Big Sick”
This 2017 film is based on the true story of Kumail Nanjiani (who also wrote and starred in the film) and his wife Emily V. Gordon. It tells the story of their relationship, which was complicated by the fact that Kumail was not yet divorced from his first wife when he met Emily. The film also stars Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, and Ray Romano.

6. “The Object of My Affection”
This 1998 film stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as two people who are trying to navigate their way through a complicated friendship. They soon realize that they have feelings for each other, but things get messy when they try to make it work.

7. “The Waitress”
This 2007 film is an independent production that tells the story of Jenna (Lena Dunham), a waitress and pie maker. She has an unrequited love with her OB/GYN, Earl (Jeremy Sisto). The film also stars Andy Griffith, Cheryl Hines, and Adrien Brody.

These are just a few of the underrated romantic comedies that are worth watching. Whether you’re looking for a comedy that will make you laugh or a film that will make you cry, there is something for everyone in the romantic comedy genre. So grab some popcorn and a loved one and get ready for a good time.
Do you know any underrated romantic comedies that should be in the list? Let us know in the comments.
Thanks for reading!

How To Write A Romantic Comedy

Elements of a Romantic Comedy: How to Write One

Romantic comedies is a never-dying genre in movies. Whether you are looking for something fun to watch after a long day of work or to watch with your partner, romantic comedies will always provide a good time. A good romantic comedy will make you laugh, cry, or possibly both; they are an emotional rollercoaster with a happy ending. However, this genre is extremely difficult to write. As with all stories in any genre, there are specific elements that each has to follow along in order to be successful at entertaining their audience.

If you are looking to write your own romantic comedy, here are the key elements that you need to include.

1) Chemistry.
The first, and most important, element of a romantic comedy is the chemistry between the two leads. This relationship must be believable in order for the rest of the story to work. Audiences want to see a couple that they can he audience to enjoy it. The couple must have the ability to make you smile, laugh , or even cry with them depending on their situation. Even if they are arguing throughout the film, there must be a connection that is authentic for this relationship to work .

2) Conflict/Romantic Gesture
A romantic comedy is not successful without some sort of conflict. This can be something as simple as them not being able to agree on where to eat dinner or something more complicated, such as one of them being in a different relationship at the beginning of the movie. However, there must also be a romantic gesture from one character to the other that eventually solves the conflict. This could be anything from declaring their love for one another to simply cooking dinner for the other person.

3) Comedy
A romantic comedy is not a romantic comedy without laughs. The jokes in this type of movie must be timed correctly and hit the right beats in order to make the audience laugh. Whether it is slapstick humor or witty banter, there must be moments when the audience is laughing in order to balance out the emotional moments.

4) Ending/Happily Ever After
As with all romances, there must be an ending where they get their happily ever after. This could mean that they eventually fall in love and grow old together or it can involve them deciding not to be together only for something to happen at the last minute to change their minds. However, the ending must be satisfying for the audience and leave them feeling good about the couple.

Following these four elements are key in writing a successful romantic comedy. If you can make your audience laugh, cry, and feel good about the couple by the end of the movie, then you have created a romantic comedy that will be remembered for years to come.…

Best Rom-Com Actresses

Most Popular Rom-Com Actresses of All Time

Romantic comedy is everyone’s go-to genre for a good laugh and a feel-good story. And while the leading men in these kinds of movies have always been popular, their leading ladies are just as great.

There have been many actresses who have starred in romantic comedies over the years. Some of them have become more popular than others, and achieved legendary status. Here is a list of the most popular Rom-Com actresses of all time in no particular order:

1) Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan is the queen of romantic comedies. She has starred in some of the most well-known and beloved movies in the genre, including When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. Her trademark is her sweet and relatable persona, which has won over audiences for decades.

2) Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is another actress who has had tremendous success in romantic comedies. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, and a large part of that is due to her work in romantic comedies. Her most well-known movies include Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman, and Notting Hill.

3) Cameron Diaz
Over the years, Cameron Diaz has been one of the biggest stars in romantic comedies. She has had tremendous success in the genre, which started early on with movies like The Mask and There’s Something About Mary. More recently, Diaz has appeared in Bad Teacher and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

4) Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon is another actress who has been hugely successful in the romantic comedy genre and the highest-paid actress. She has starred in many romantic comedies, including Sweet Home Alabama and How Do You Know.

5) Sandra Bullock
Although Sandra Bullock started her career as a dramatic actress, she quickly moved into romantic comedies after winning the hearts of audiences as a leading lady. Some of her most popular movies include The Proposal and The Heat.

6) Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore is one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood, and a good portion of that is because of her work in romantic comedies. She has starred in movies such as 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

7) Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl is another actress who achieved major success in the romantic comedy genre. She starred in movies such as Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and The Ugly Truth.

8) Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway is a more recent addition to the list of popular Rom-Com actresses. She was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role in Les Misérables and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for her part in Love & Other Drugs.

9) Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is another actress who has had tremendous success in romantic comedies. Her most famous movies include Friends with Money, Just Go with It, and He’s F-ing Perfect.

10) Heather Graham
Heather Graham is someone who has had success in the genre before starring in more serious movies like Boogie Nights. She is best known for her parts in hit romantic comedies like Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Drugstore Cowboy.

The list above includes some of the most famous and well-known actresses in the business. Although they all have different personalities and styles, they are popular for their roles in romantic comedies. They have been in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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12 Reasons Why People Love Romantic Comedies

From a young age, most of us have been conditioned to love romance. Romantic comedies are a classic mainstay of the industry, with men and women alike enjoying the lighthearted comedy that often accompanies romantic films. So why do people love romantic comedies so much? Below are 12 reasons why people just can’t get enough of these movies:

1) The Romance.
No matter your age, gender, or orientation, watching a good love story will always hit the spot. And when it is accompanied by humor and wit? Well that just makes your experience all the more satisfying.

2) The Fantasy Factor.
People have been writing about romantic relationships since before Chaucer’s time. Today’s films are simply an extension of this age-old fascination. Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story?

3) The Escapism.
In today’s world, it can be tough to find time for romance. Between work and family obligations, many people feel like they don’t have the opportunity to really let their hair down and relax. Romantic comedies allow audiences to forget their burdens of the day and just enjoy life for an hour or two.

4) The Reality Factor.
Of course, no relationship is all fun and games. Most romantic comedies eventually lead up to more serious conflicts that require both partners to face their fears. And though it may not be reality, it’s always good to have a reminder about how important it is not to take the people closest to you for granted.

5) The Good Memories.
There’s something comforting about going back and watching your old favorites… especially when they remind you of all those amazing firsts in your life. Remember your first date? How nervous you were? Watching a good romantic comedy can bring all those memories flooding back.

6) The New Experiences.
On the other hand, sometimes it’s fun to watch a movie that takes you into a world you’ve never seen before. Whether it’s an exotic location or just a new way of looking at love, these films can transport you to entirely new places.

7) The Awww Factor.
Romantic comedies often tug at our heartstrings, with scenes that make us go “Awww!” as we watch two people finally get their happy ending. It’s a great feeling to see a couple overcome all the odds and find true love in the end.

8) The Laughs.
Many films have dramatic moments that make us cry, but it’s the comedic elements that really sell a romantic comedy. Audiences love a good belly laugh just as much as they do a good sob, and these movies provide both!

9) The Recognition.  
In every romantic comedy there is usually one character you can always relate to, whether it’s the man or the woman. We all have our insecurities when it comes to matters of the heart, but watching characters with similar problems go up against each other reminds us that we are not alone in this world.

10) The Escape from Reality.  
Let’s face it: sometimes reality just sucks. Romantic comedies allow us to escape this world and enter a different one, where everything is brighter and better. No matter what your problems are or how bad you think your day has been, there’s at least one movie out there that will make things seem all the more rosy.

11) The History.  
Some of the classic romantic comedies, like “The Philadelphia Story” and ” His Girl Friday”, are over seventy years old. That’s a long time for any genre to remain popular!

12) The Chemistry.
Finally, one of the most important reasons why people love romantic comedies is the chemistry between the two main actors. When it’s good, it’s really good. And audiences can feel it when the sparks start to fly on-screen.…